I have created (but not necessarily maintained) quite a few blogs, and yet I’m still learning the ropes. I have often envied friends who would have the discipline, time and motivation (and usually I’d only have two out of three) to actually keep blogs that matter – that other people aside from their mothers would actually read.

So what would “The Markian Chronicles” be about?

Uhm, honestly, I still don’t know. The best word I could coin as of the moment to describe it would be a “smorgasblog,” a wide variety of information, narratives and commentaries, not necessarily mine alone, that would define this world we’re in. Hopefully, it would be more profound than mundane, more relevant than trivial, without taking myself too seriously.

Life is too grand and marvelous to allow it to pass us by without “chronicling” or at least capturing nuggets of golden moments to make us laugh and weep, think and act, learn and teach, and simply be reminded that we are human after all.

The Vanderbilt University student application form includes the question, “How do you view life: as a journey, as a drama, or as a jungle?” If it isn’t too much to ask, allow me though this blog, to interact with you and partake from each other’s journey, drama and jungle.

Welcome to “The Markian Chronicles.”

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